Christophe is a french photographer, based in the center of France, his main work is portrait. He works in France and Europe.

He aims to point out and show the humanism in his subject and the universal connection, to show the strength and the beauty of the human soul. We are all different and have several shapes but deep within we are all connected. This collection of portraits wants to bear withess of this interconnection. To reflect the mystical side of life.

Exhibitions & awards :

2022 AT 42-18 Solaris, Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Germany

2022 Heritage Citizens, Collège Innovant Pierre Emmanuel Pau France

2021-2022 "Gemeinsames LEBEN AUF DER Nordwolle"

         Nordwolle Museum Germany

2021  Award 2nd prize Wipplay Portrait and Landscape

2021 Bunker Valentin: Erinnerungsort; Lebensort

        Bremen Parliament, French Institute, Denkort BunkerValentin

2021 Award Public prize "Mon environnement de travail"

        Usimages industrial heritage biennale  France

2020 The Hidden Art Project Oldenburg Germany

2019 EHESS CNRS invitation conference

2019 Spectral City Alliance française Chennai, India

2019 Museum Bertrand France, Artisans

2018 Award of best modern film Hello Summer Beijing China

2018 Université Paris 13, Panorama

2017 Panorama in the cities of Pierrefitte & Villetaneuse

2017 "Sociales sciences : places and situations of everyday life" at the EHESS

2017  IAS Nantes "Artisans" France

2017 Sticking portraits 160X120cm in the city of Villetaneuse France

2016 European Young Photography Festival Circulation

2014 Salon des artistes Indre

2013 Surveys by Photography at the Université St Louis Bruxelles Belgium

1996 Viêt-Nam, first trip. Paris & Cannes France

1994 Portrait & Sculpture, Montmartre France

1992 Hoffmann price of photography Spain

Residencies :

2022-2023 The CUT Rennes France " Post Anthropocène "

2022 Collectif A Propos Heritage Citizens Pau/France

2022 Parc naturel du Perche, France Résidence-mission

2020-2021 Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg NdW the Nordwolle Germany

2019-2020 Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg BkV Bunker Valentin Germany

Workshops :

2022 Perche natural park France " Le bâti Percheron" parcours EAC

2022 Gemeinsames LEBEN AUF DER Nordwolle Germany

2021 Nordwolle/Balsan France

2018-2019 Middle School Orléans & Chateauroux " Artisans"

Contributions :

Press : l'Express, Le Monde, La Tribune, National Magazine,De Groene Amsterdammer...

Magazine : Biba, Bon, DDCV, Otpimum, Standard, Technikart...

Advertissing : Colilove, Djibouti Telecom, Eurostar, Leclerc, Mairie de Paris, Playstation, Secours Catholique, VanLef, WWF...

Institutions: EHESS, HWK, IEA Paris, IEA Nantes, IMéRA, RFIEA....

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